Rock Island

6' Hi-back cedar with black legs (660CE)
             6′ Cedar with black legs – (560CE)


Style, function, and virtually no maintenance!

Rock Island benches are designed to deliver a durable, long-lasting alternative to traditional benches. Because they’re manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, they will not splinter or rot, and do not require painting or staining year after year to help maintain their like-new appearance – thus saving you money on your annual maintenance costs!

Whether you need a bench for your school, along a trail, or in a park, the Rock Island recycled-plastic benches can help you show your support for a greener environment.  The Rock Island benches are adaptable for any location: remote areas and highly utilized sites.

6' Hi-back inground brown with black legs (561BR)
6′ Brown with black legs – Inground                          (560IBR)

The optional in-ground legs provide added security for sites where vandalism may be an issue or an isolated area where you can simply install them and not have to worry about theft.

As with all of the recycled-plastic benches we manufacture, Rock Island benches can be engraved with personal messages. Used as advertising benches, they’re a great way to promote your business. Used as memorial benches, they’re a timeless way to express your feelings for a loved one.

4' Hi-back gray with black legs and gray arm rests (540GR)
4′ Gray with black legs and arm rests              (540GR & 540ARM)

20″ x 48″ or 72″ or 96″ seat with 13 ” back support.


4′ Specifications

6′ Specifications

8′ Specifications

Portable Leg Drawing

8' Hi-back gray with black legs (581GR)
    8′ Gray with black legs – (580GR)

Inground Leg Drawing

Arm Rest Drawing


Assembly Instructions

Armrest Assembly



To obtain color, UV stability and other desirable properties in the product, various additives must be incorporated into the plastic; these items amount to a maximum of 4% of the finished product.

*All prices are F.O.B. Plant of Manufacture.
*Payment terms: 1% 10/Net 30 days with approved credit.
*M/C & Visa accepted.
*Freight charges are collect or 3rd party bill.
*All lumber sizes are nominal and weights are approximate.
*All sizes, weights, and colors may vary slightly per run.

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