Thickwall Moldings

Thickwall™ technology is a breakthrough for today’s industry.

Rugged, durable plastic Thickwall moldings will satisfy all your changing needs for a wide variety of application, from OEM parts to material handling uses, and can be designed and molded to adapt to your special requirements.

Thickwall moldings are corrosion resistant and maintenance free. With Thickwall tooling, even a short run is made cost effective.

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Molding machine
Recycled plastic base for Hydraulic Machine

*All prices are F.O.B. Plant of Manufacture.
*Payment terms: 1% 10/Net 30 days with approved credit.
*M/C & Visa accepted.
*Freight charges are collect or 3rd party bill.
*All lumber sizes are nominal and weights are approximate.
*All sizes, weights, and colors may vary slightly per run.

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