About Us


Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls
has headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Iowa Falls, Iowa.

Our unique molds and processes are protected by a number of American and international patents.

Our automated production lines are used to manufacture car stops, speed bumps, landscape timbers, posts, park benches, picnic tables and other large profile products.

The company also possesses patented equipment for the manufacturing of custom-molded products. These lines dramatically reduce the cost of custom molded products principally because of Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls’ unique ability to design and manufacture inexpensive molds.

The problem of burying our plastic waste is an immediate and catastrophic problem which affects the United States right now. Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls offers a viable alternative to municipalities in order that we save our landfill space. It is our goal to make plastics a community resource rather than a burden on our precious environment.

Our History

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls, formerly Hammer’s Plastic Recycling, began processing mixed-plastic and manufacturing products from commingled plastic material in 1986. In 1988, our company won the State of Iowa Governor’s Award for best exemplifying the achievements and contributions industry makes each year to Iowa and its communities.

Hammer’s formed Plastic Recycling, Inc. in 1984 to design and build a production facility to recycle mixed-plastic waste into commercially viable products.

In 1997 new management was put in place; and in 1999 Hammer’s Plastic Recycling Corp. became Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls. Under new management, the plastic recycling business has flourished, and today, continues to expand its business of recycling plastic waste by manufacturing and selling products of commingled plastic.