4' Gray Surface Mount (140GR)
             4′ Gray Surface Mountable – (140GR)


Whether on hard surfaces or staked into the ground for added security, these rugged, 100% recycled-plastic park benches can go anywhere. They’re the perfect recycled benches for locker rooms, pool changing areas, shower houses, and any other location where moisture is an issue. Because they are impervious to moisture, you no longer have to be concerned with rotting boards or splinters in those sensitive areas!

But don’t limit yourself to just these suggestions. With their subtle charm and rugged durability, Dura benches also make a wonderful “green” addition to any park, garden area, and other locations where you need to add public or private seating.

6' Cedar Surface Mount (160CE)
6′ Cedar Surface Mountable – (160CE)

As with all of the recycled-plastic benches we manufacture, Dura benches can be engraved with personal messages. Used as advertising benches, they’re a great way to promote your business. Used as memorial benches, they’re a timeless way to express your feelings for a loved one.

17″ x 48″ or 72″ seat x 17″ height (surface mount)


4' Brown Surface Mount (140BR)
4′ Brown Surface Mountable- (140BR)

4′ Dimensions

6′ Dimensions

Portable Leg Drawing

Inground "T" mounting leg
Inground “T” mounting leg

Inground Leg Drawing


Assembly Instructions



To obtain color, UV stability and other desirable properties in the product, various additives must be incorporated into the plastic; these items amount to a maximum of 4% of the finished product.

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